Time Travel to Cologne in 1910: Virtual Reality Technology of a Cologne start-up makes it possible

With the help of virtual reality glasses, visitors can now undertake a virtual tram ride in a 3D model of Cologne. As the newspaper Die Welt reports, the Cologne-based startup TimeRide offers a journey back in time to the “old Cöln during the imperial period”.

Best of all, according to Die Welt, TimeRide visitors are actually sitting in a replica of the first electric tram that existed back then. In addition to the impressions provided by the virtual reality glasses, visitors experience “synchronized jogging movements and air currents”, as Die Welt reports.

According to Die Welt, the Cologne-based start-up company has used archival images, paintings and old city maps to recreate a virtual reality of Cologne’s Old Town that is virtually true to the original.

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