Electrified postal delivery: 25 electric vans to be used for postal delivery in Frankfurt from October onwards

The so-called StreetScooter, an electric van for postal deliveries by German postal service Deutsche Post DHL Group
Deutsche Post DHL Group (Press photo)

From October 10, the Deutsche Post DHL Group will be using 25 electric delivery vans for parcel distribution in Frankfurt. The cities of Bochum, Cologne, Munich and Berlin are already using the electric vans.

As the local newspaper Frankfurter Neue Presse reports, electric vans are now also being used in Frankfurt for parcel delivery. The vehicles have special features optimized for the delivery of letters and parcels. For example, the vehicle does not have a passenger seat. Instead, a holder for sorting letters was installed there.

The vehicle brings 45 kilowatt hours onto the road and has a range of 80 kilometres. This is the radius given by the distribution districts.

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