Hamburg metro operator hosts Mobility-Hackathon in hope of innovative ideas

Hochbahn, the operator of the Hamburg subway system, is breaking new ground in its search for innovative ideas. Computer scientists, developers and designers are to develop mobility solutions in a programming marathon (so-called hackathon).

As the news portal NahverkehrHamburg. de reports, the Hackathons are events where computer scientists meet and develop useful and creative software products within a short period of time. The end result is usually a working prototype, which can then be professionally developed further if required.

During the hackathon, Hochbahn provides developers with data interfaces to the timetable database of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), the Hamburg Transparency Portal and other data sources.

In addition, according to NahverkehrHamburg. de, the developers can also try out new types of hardware – for example, small radio chips that can be installed in buses and trains and can keep in touch with the passengers’ smartphones. With this technology, transport companies could, for instance, control when a customer enters and leaves a vehicle and thus automatically calculate the distance travelled and the fare of the journey.

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