100th electric charging station to be built in Munich: network of charging stations continues to grow

BMW i3 at an electric charging station for electric cars in Munich
SWM/Steffen Leiprecht (Press photo)

The municipal utilities of the city of Munich (SWM) and the Munich Transit Company (MVG) are erecting their 100th electric charging station in Munich. The two municipal companies have thus already fulfilled the city’s 2017 contract in September.

As the Munich daily TZ reports, the target was initially 100 charging stations throughout the year. Recently, however, the mayor of Munich, Josef Schmid, had suggested increasing the figures. In 2017, a total of 150 charging stations are to be erected. The city council had agreed.

On behalf of the state capital, Stadtwerke and MVG are working together to massively expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The basis for this is the “Integrated action programme to promote electromobility in Munich”. According to the most recent decision of the city council in July, a total of 500 public charging stations are to be located in Munich by 2020.

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