The Ehrenfeld district of Cologne gets its own bicycle path concept: citizens can participate via interactive online service

The Ehrenfeld district of Cologne is very often used by cyclists – the city administration therefore wants to give it its own bicycle path concept. Citizens of Cologne can take part in this process, for example via an interactive, map-based online service.

As the local newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger reports, it is only for two districts of Cologne that a cycle path concept is available: for the inner city and for the Lindenthal district. A concept for a third district of Cologne Ehrenfeld is now to follow.

According to Stadtanzeiger, local politicians, initiatives and associations as well as citizens should be able to participate in the development of the actual concept of action. The goals are a main network for cycling and new traffic routes for cyclists.

As the Stadtanzeiger reports, citizens can use an online platform to provide information and suggestions for cycling in Cologne. This platform called “RADar” (a word game made up of the German terms for bicycle and radar) allows for the precise entry of bicycle-related problems on an interactive Google map. Positive feedback is also possible there, for example for particularly well-developed bicycle parking lots. As the Kölner Stadtanzeiger states, citizens can also send direct e-mails with information to the team of bicycle representatives of the city of Cologne.

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