Volunteers in Cologne help freezing homeless people with a bus service this winter

Cologne "Kältebus" (bus in the cold) provides homeless people with food, sleeping bags or clothing with a bus service every winter.

The association “Friends of the Cologne streets and their inhabitants” is preparing for its next mission with the so-called “Kältebus” (cold bus) on the streets of the city. As the Kölner Stadtanzeiger reports, the volunteers provide homeless people with warm food, sleeping bags or clothing by bus during the cold season.

The preparations are already starting in September, says the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, as the temperature is already dropping to around ten degrees Celsius at night. According to Stadtanzeiger, the “Kältebus” has been an institution in Cologne for many years. As in previous years, the “Kältebus” will head for many stations on the left and right banks of the Rhine at night during the winter season 2017/18.

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