Power generation through geothermal energy is booming in Munich: Interest in annual congress grows

As the online portal stadt+werk reports, Munich is a pioneer in the conversion to district heating networks that are supplied with geothermal energy (i. e. energy generated and stored in the earth). As a result, the annual geothermal energy congress in Munich is also becoming increasingly important.

According to stadt+werk, Stadtwerke M√ľnchen (SWM) wants to supply the state capital city with renewable heat from lower layers of earth in the long term. According to stadt+werk, the RAME pilot project was an important cornerstone for the city of Munich. Within the framework of the RAME project, the entire southern subsoil of the city of Munich was surveyed using 3D seismic data. This 3D image made geothermal energy in Munich possible.

As stadt+werk also notes, interest in the geothermal energy congress has increased significantly this year. The scientific committee has been able to select from just under 200 papers submitted and further expand its range of presentations.

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