Berlin Senate Program promotes integration of refugees: Neighbourhoods should grow together sustainably

A guy waering a cap that states "Love your Neighbour"

As the local newspaper Berliner Woche reports, the Senate programme Berlin Develops New Neighbourhoods (BENN) promotes the sustainable linkage of refugees, residents and associations. In the district Märkisches Viertel concrete measures are now starting.

According to Berliner Woche, suitable participation forums for neighbours and volunteer actors are to be developed within the framework of the programme. As the Berlin Week says, these participation forums will include the establishment of a residents’ council. In addition, a five-person on-site team is to be available on a regular basis and assume central control of the actions. The aim of the programme is, as stated in the Berlin Week, “to establish lasting contacts between refugees, residents and local actors such as associations, schools and neighbourhood institutions”.

According to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, a food market with 15 stalls full of culinary delicacies will open its doors on 23 September to officially start the program in Märkisches Viertel.

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