Electric Air Taxi startup from Munich collects 100 million dollars in a financial round

Overcrowded streets, smog, noise: According to a report by Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), the Munich-based startup Lilium wants to defy the traffic chaos with the help of small electric aircraft. In a recent financial round, the start-up collected 100 million dollars.

The electric air taxis by the Munich-based startup Lilium are different: As WAZ reports, the plane takes off and lands vertically – which seems to be ideal for overcrowded megacities. Lilium, which was founded by four graduates of the Technical University of Munich in 2015, has already got an unmanned prototype of the electric two-seater into the air.

The WAZ states that the latest financing round of the German start-up shows that international investors are also highly interested in this type of transportation. Amongst others, many of the investors come from China. The WAZ assumes the interest of Chinese investors is due to overcrowded, smog-stricken Chinese cities as well as a rising number of rich Chinese people who could afford the luxury comfort movement by air taxi.

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