Berlin’s most dangerous places get equipped with video technology on mobile trailers

Alexanderplatz, one of the biggest and most frequented squares of Berlin, at night with the Fernsehturm in the center

As the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost reports, Berlin’s most dangerous places will be monitored with mobile video technology in the future. This was said by Interior Minister Andreas Geisel (Social Democratic Party, SPD) at the symbolic ceremony for the new police station on Alexanderplatz, the most frequented square in Berlin.

According to Geisel, two of the video systems have already been purchased. A small variant costing 60,000 euros and a larger one for 120,000 euros. The cameras are located in trailers and can be controlled via tablets and mobile phones.

“We will use the new technology on a case-by-case basis. The police will decide when this is the case,” said Geisel to the Berliner Morgenpost. There was no need to amend the law. The General Security and Order Act (ASOG) will be interpreted more broadly than has been the case so far, the Berliner Morgenpost states.

Instead of a comprehensive and permanent video surveillance system, Geisel wants to focus on a dual strategy of video technology and more police presence at the locations affected by crime. Especially at night, fights, robberies and thefts occur on Alexanderplatz, one of the biggest squares in Berlin. It is the main focus among the crime prone places in the capital. While there were 4,164 offences counted on Alexanderplatz in the year 2008, this figure had risen to 7820 by 2016.

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