“Young people are experts in their city”: How the youth of Berlin can be involved in urban development

Graffiti, ramp and skateboarder in Berlin, Germany.

The local newspaper Berliner Morgenpost interviewed the Berlin city researcher Tristan Biere about the needs and wishes of young people in public space and how they could be more strongly involved in urban development issues.

According to Berliner Morgenporst, Tristan Biere has been researching the needs of young people in public space for years. He came to the conclusion that young people are “experts in the city, in their neighbourhood” and like to “experiment”. According to Biere, the city could get many new impulses from the ideas of the young people and, in his opinion, should be given greater importance.

However, Biere also cites examples from Berlin where the involvement of young people in the design of public spaces has worked well. After the fall of the Wall, Biere has identified many projects involving young people in the development of open spaces. The Mellowpark an der Wuhlheide, which was planned as Europe’s largest BMX and skateboard park,”would certainly not have been created without the commitment of young people,” says Tristan Biere.

In the interview with the Berliner Morgenpost, Tristan Biere also answers the question of what the young people’s wishes and demands on public spaces are. As Biere states, young people often make “unspecific” demands on public spaces. “They are simply looking for a place where they can spend time and meet with their clique. According to Biere, conflicting interests often also play a role. On the one hand, young people want to be seen, on the other hand, they need a place of retreat. Therefore, according to Bieres, there is no classic model of what a youth room looks like. But when young people are involved in a specific project, they quickly develop concrete ideas”, he concludes.

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