New law allows free parking for car sharing users – the city of Munich is working on the implementation

Two parking cars with other cars passing by on a city street

As the Munich newspaper Abendzeitung reports, a new federal law entered into force in Germany on 1 September 2017. This allows the municipalities to give vehicles from car sharing providers, such as Car2Go or DriveNow, a clear privilege in the public space.

In concrete terms, this means that the new law will allow municipalities to reserve parking spaces exclusively for car-sharing cars, according to the Abendzeitung. In addition, these special parking spaces can be completely exempted from the parking fees.

As the Abendzeitung reports, the city of Munich’s planning department wants to “prepare a corresponding resolution proposal for the city council”. According to the ABendzeitung, the authority has not yet decided to comment on details. However, Elisabeth Merk, the town planning councillor, welcomes the new law in principle.

Another focus of the city administration in this context is electromobility. According to the Abendzeitung newspaper, the park privileges are to be “linked to the expansion of electromobility” wherever possible. One option: At the parking spaces reserved for car sharing, charging stations could be set up. As the Abendzeitung assumes, this measure could encourage car sharing operators to convert their fleets to electric vehicles as quickly as possible.

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