Researchers develop technologies for autonomous ships in the Port of Hamburg

As the newspaper Die Welt reports, the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services (CML) tests technologies for autonomous driving and accident prevention at sea. According to Professor Carlos Jahn, head of the CML, the river Alster and the inland port of Hamburg-Harburg are “very well suited” for testing new technologies.

As Professor Jahn explains in an interview with Die Welt, the research projects are primarily concerned with supporting the ship’s crew. “This can make navigation easier, especially in heavily frequented sea areas,” says Jahn to Die Welt. Jahn does not rule out the possibility of fully autonomous ships. According to his estimate, autonomous navigation “on fixed routes, for example for ferries or coastal freighters” can be given in just a few years’ time. In overseas traffic, however, he does not expect any unmanned or autonomous ships “in the foreseeable future,” says Jahn to the newspaper Die Welt.

Professor Jahn and the Fraunhofer Center CML are part of the research network in Hamburg. They want to contribute “with the help of digitisation and networking to secure jobs in Hamburg’s maritime industry and create new ones”, says Jahn to the newspaper Die Welt.

As Die Welt reports, Hamburg remains one of the world’s most important seafreight hubs. It includes port management and shipping, development companies and research institutes.

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