Hamburg students present an e-powered bicycle trailer that autonomously follows the cyclist

As reported by German newspaper Die Welt, three engineering students from Technical University (TU) Harburg developed an autonomous bicycle trailer.

“Conventional bike trailers are too heavy for me to bring me to the skid,” says Rabbiosi in the interview with Die Welt, explaining his innovation. Together with his fellow students, he designed an “intelligent” trailer with an electric drive called Nüwiel in the TU’s start-up dock.

And this is how it works: sensors measure the speed and steering angle of the bicycle. The attached trailer uses this information intelligently and automatically follows the bicycle. With their innovation, the engineers from Hamburg want to revolutionize the transport of goods in the city. They think about building bicycle fleets for parcels and delivery services. The main objective: relieving traffic on the road.In this way, the air quality in Hamburg and other cities will be improved.

Logistics companies are already testing Nüwiel. According to the three engineers, Nüwiel could save up to 50 percent time on the last mile from the warehouse to the doorstep of the customer. According to the newspaper Die Welt, this innovation fits the logistics capital Hamburg:

“Through the “gateway to the world” goods are transported to water, through the air, over railways and roads. According to the Hamburg Logistics Initiative, the industry in the metropolitan region counts about 11,700 companies with around 400,000 employees. It is no wonder that new ideas about logistics and transport arise.”

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