Facial recognition project at Berlin railway station generates debate between data protectors and ministries

Since August 1, a test run for facial recognition has been running at the Südkreuz station in Berlin. According to various news articles, data protectors believe that more data is being collected than previously announced.

During the test run, transponders are used in addition to video cameras. These transponders must be worn by the test persons for additional identification. Data protectors now accuse these transponders of being able to collect more data than is covered by the declaration of consent.

Data protectors say that transponders collect more information than previously agreed

In detail: The transponders supposedly also collect information about acceleration, temperature and inclination. According to an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, it would be possible to trace what people did when they were outside the test area. That’s why data protectors are calling for the test to be aborted.

Interior Ministry emphasizes deterrent effect of surveillance

At the same time, the German Ministry of the Interior is defending the facial recognition project. According to an article on the all-in.de portal, the German Ministry of the Interior makes the following argument: data protection should not always be placed above victim protection. According to the Ministry of the Interior, video surveillance can solve crimes quickly. In addition, video surveillance has a deterrent effect, according to Armin Schuster, an expert on the interior of the Christian Democratic Union party. Schuster therefore advocates continuing the test.

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