Berlin-based app Home helps landlords to improve their property management

Founders of the Berlin-based app Home, sitting in their office in Berlin

As reported on TechCrunch, the start-up Home, founded in Berlin, has raised 3 million euros in seed funding (approx. 3,54 million US$).

The idea: Help landlords to manage their properties. How do you do that? By offering them a smartphone-app that’s easy to handle. And it works: Over 100,000 apartments are already managed by Home app users in Germany. A big success, especially with regard to the limited functionality of the app at this stage: landlords are only able to track rent payments and get alerts for missing payments – that’s all for now.

But according to co-founder and CEO Thilo Konzok, there’s much more to come: The start-up wants to provide a better housing experience for everyone. In the future, Home will simplify the whole rental process for tenants as well – including the installation of Wi-Fi and home design aspects. In the TechCrunch interview, the CEO doesn’t go that far into detail yet:

“’Since we can’t buy or build every apartment, we wanted to enable landlords to provide better housing experiences. Making apartment management simpler and more enjoyable for landlords was a natural first step in our journey. We’re also excited about opening the platform to tenants soon and making renting an apartment a much better experience,’ the Home CEO says.”

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