”City-compatible tourism”: Berlin wants to improve experience for visitors

Berlin segway tourists

As a report by Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel states, 12.7 million visitors came to Berlin in 2016. For this reason, districts and Senate Administration have now adopted the concept of “city-compatible tourism” and anchored it in the coalition agreement.

A concrete concept will be presented at the beginning of 2018. But until then, the districts have to deal with problems locally. Andy Hehmke, the city councilor for economic affairs, says that many different stakeholder groups are involved in this process. In the report by Der Tagesspiegel, he mentions residents, restaurant owners, hoteliers and hostel owners, tour operators, districts and – of course – the tourists themselves.

One measure of the ”city-compatible tourism” initiative are Fair.kiez commercials on the billboards at hot spots like Warsaw Bridge, East Side Gallery and the Grandarena. These commercials show a smiling face that encourages tourists to be more quiet. Other measures are more specific: larger garbage containers now cover 360 liters, public toilets are installed at Görlitzer Park, more patrol officers are active on the weekends.

On federal state levels, the initiative Visit-Berlin has been taking care of the topic since 2013. The so-called Acceptance Office is equipped with 230,000 euros annually. With these funds, dialogues between hotel and restaurant operators and districts are supported. Also, flyers with rules of conduct are distributed. Employees of Visit-Berlin are also going to the Kieze with the Kiezmobil, a converted bicyle, and talk to local residents. Via the website du-hier-in.berlin, citizens can get rid of complaints. This knowledge is passed on to the districts.

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