Munich city administration supports electric taxis: 0,20 euros promotion for every passenger-kilometer

From September 2017, the city of Munich promotes the use of electric taxis. As reported by the online platform, the city administration supports every passenger-kilometer driven by an electric taxi with 0,20 euros (approx. 0,24 US$).

The subsidies cease when 40 percent of the electric vehicle’s acquisition costs are reached. According to the news article, the electric taxis must have a fiscal parameter which stores the collected driving data. A further condition: the vehicles must be on the road for at least 36 months.

The administration would also like to promote the construction of three quick-loading stations, especially for taxiing. Overall, the city puts two million euros into the project, which are to be converted into 10 million e-taxi kilometers. For this purpose, the responsible Department for Health and the Environment has been offering forms of application and the subsidy guideline on their website for reading and downloading since the beginning of August 2017.

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