Berlin vs San Francisco: Which city will be the home base for the world’s next 100-billion-dollar start up?

Berlin is one of the most important European start-up locations. But how does the German capital compare directly to the start-up mecca San Francisco? According to the German online tech-magazine t3n, the differences are not so great.

While the average founder in San Francisco is 31 years old, his Berlin counterpart is 32 years old. Even the rate of the founders is not overly far apart, with 13 percent in Berlin and 16 percent in San Francisco. A thing that both cities have in common: Most of their founders are immigrants. While in San Francisco, 46 ​​per cent of all founders are immigrants, this figure is only three percentage points lower in Berlin.

According to the New Straits Times, one of Berlin’s pull factors

“is the fact that Berlin is a relatively cheap place to do business and live. Rents for tech start-ups in Berlin are an average €160 a week compared with €437 in London and €610 in New York.”

Another reason, according to New Straits Times, is Berlin’s lack of industrial history.

The website 99Designs created an infographic that compares the start-up locations Berlin and San Francisco. You can find the complete infographic in the link below this article.

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