Tinder in traffic: developer from Berlin invents dating-app for drivers

Car drivers in Berlin should soon have a chance to meet again outside of a traffic jam. The magic word is Plate – this is Berlin’s first dating platform for motorists.

The idea comes from Kaan Topcuoglu, a 26-year-old inventor from Neukölln. The idea: With a friend, Topcuoglu develops a new social network in which citizens can register themselves with their license plates, he explains in an interview with Berliner Kurier.

The Plate app is not only intended for flirtation but also supports friendships. During September, a first version of the free program will be available online. Topcuoglu wants to build up a network of up to 10,000 users. If it works, the network is also to be extended to flights and train rides – so that people can get to know each other with the same aircraft and trains.

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