Berlin gets its first mobile currywurst navigator

Good news: Berlin gets its first curry-navi! According to a report by Berliner Kurier, fans of the sharp sausage can now navigate without problems to the nearest curry shack – with the free mobile app Curry Guide Berlin.

The app was invented by two citizenz of the Neukölln district in Berlin, Hartmut Christians (49) and his wife Mahi Christians-Roshanai (47). It is now available for Android and iOS devices. When the user opens the app, he can display his location on a Berlin map, and all curry stalls nearby are displayed. As the inventors state in an interview with Berliner Kurier, they tested most of the curry shacks within six weeks. According to the report, the two inventors also experienced some surprises. From their perspective, currywurst fans should not be fooled by the facade of a shop: sometimes it is the small, rather inconspicuous shops that hide the best currywurst.

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