Statistics say: Hamburg car drivers don’t give alternative drive concepts a chance

According to a study by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, Hamburg’s citizens buy especially few electric cars or other vehicles with alternative drives.

As the German daily Die Welt writes online, the proportion of Hamburg’s e-car supporters is particularly low in a nationwide comparison. According to statistics, only about 1.3 percent of the 136,000 newly registered vehicles in Hamburg in 2016 are at least hybrid-powered. The German average is just under two percent. According to the Die Welt article, gas-powered cars are particularly rare in Hamburg: fewer than 130 new registrations have been received.

However, as Die Welt states, Hamburg is still well ahead of the ranking in the registration of vehicles with diesel engines. 75,348 diesel cars were registered in the Hanseatic city in 2016, a good 16,000 more than with a petrol engine.

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